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AMLAware International – Anti-Money Laundering compliance training programs meeting regulatory requirements for insurance companies, the financial services industry, and the banking sector worldwide.
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Leadership Team

World's leading experts

John Madinger / Founder & President

Founder and President of AMLAware, Mr. Madinger has a wealth of relevant personal and professional experience.  Over a career spanning 35 years, as a narcotics agent and supervisor and later special agent for the U.S. Treasury Department, he literally wrote the book on anti-money laundering investigations and enforcement. Money Laundering, a Guide for Criminal Investigators, first published in 1999 and now in its third edition, has been the standard reference book used by the U.S. Department of Justice in its overseas training programs, a college text at the University of Florida and other institutions, and a reference used by fraud investigators, police, and others for 17 years. As a consultant on money laundering and terrorism financing for the Department of Justice, he has developed international training programs on money laundering and financial crime in countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.  Notably, Mr. Madinger has developed training programs in Panama, Malawi, and Yemen that have become the foundation for the development of those nations’ financial crimes units.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Indiana University, a master’s degree in history from the University of Hawaii, and was the honor graduate in the Treasury Criminal Investigation Training Program. He is the recipient of numerous awards and citations from the Internal Revenue Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces.  In addition to being president and subject matter expert for content creation, he also acts as Director of the Board of Advisors.

Hayward L. Sawyer / Chief Distribution Officer

Hayward Sawyer is a career insurance and financial services leader, with long experience working for top-flight global companies. His past executive roles include Chief Distribution Officer and Board Member, Executive Advisory Board for Allianz in the US and Germany; Executive Vice President, Prudential Financial, with responsibility for leading distribution, sales and strategic business development; Executive Vice President – Head of Sales for American Skandia, a division of Skandia AFS, where he sat on the parent company’s Executive Advisory Board in Sweden. Sawyer is distinguished in the global insurance and financial services industry for building market share and assets under management in these companies. He is a US Marine Corps OCS graduate, decorated for Valor and honorably released from active duty at the grade of Captain following his service in Viet Nam. Sawyer presently dedicates significant time as Chairman and Board Member for charities.

Stefan Cassella / Advisor

Stefan Cassella was the Chief of the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section in the Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland from 2009 to 2015. He has specialized in asset forfeiture and money laundering for 25 years and is the author of the treatise Asset Forfeiture Law in the United States (Juris Publishing, Second Edition, 2013), as well as 35 other articles and publications on the subject. He teaches at the National Advocacy Center for federal prosecutors at the University of South Carolina, and travels internationally to advise and train foreign prosecutors and law enforcement agents on the recovery of criminally derived assets. Most recently, he has worked in Tanzania, Kenya, Bosnia and Australia and has a long-standing relationship with the asset recovery unit in the Republic of South Africa.  Mr. Cassella also has given numerous guest lectures at law schools in the United States, appears regularly at the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime at Cambridge University, and is an advisor to the Max Planck Institute’s committee on reforms to the criminal law in the European Union. He is currently the owner of AssetForfeitureLaw, LLC, a consulting company providing professional services relating to the recovery of criminal proceeds and the suppression of money laundering activity.

Daniel De Alfonso / Advisor

A graduate of law from the University of San Pablo, Mr. De Alfonso has extensive training in money laundering and criminal law. Through these experiences he has been a key speaker at seminars, conferences, and professional development courses for attorneys, prosecutors, economists, and financial groups. Mr. De Alfonso spent a total of 17 years working in the criminal judiciary of the Criminal Court of Barcelona and the Tenth and Seventh Sections of the Provincial court of Barcelona. On July 21, 2011 Mr. De Alfonso was appointed director of the Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia.

Suzanne Hayden / Advisor

Suzanne Hayden has spent thirty years in public service and law enforcement, serving as a senior advisor to members of the US government (Justice, State, Treasury, Intelligence and Defense) and to International Organizations including International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the International Anti-corruption Academy (IACA). She has provided guidance to domestic and international judicial, prosecutorial and police departments on the rule of law. Ms. Hayden is a licensed attorney and served as a prosecutor in state, federal and international courts.


Ms. Hayden has provided guidance and training in the areas of anti-corruption, financial crime and integrity building for the public and private sectors throughout the world. She has designed and delivered training on anti-corruption and financial crime for the Anticorruption units for the governments of Thailand and S. Korea, developed best practices in combatting corruption, codes of conduct and integrity building for the International Ombudsmen Institute, with 160 public institutions worldwide, was a key speaker at the World Forum on Anticorruption in Amman, Jordan, the Interpol Global Conference on Integrity in Sports and co-organized Peru’s Third Annual Anti-corruption conference in Lima, Peru. Recognized as an expert within Transparency International and the Risk Assistance Network & Exchange in the US, Ms. Hayden served as a legal expert in long-term Court-ordered monitoring of a US corporation.


A former Senior Prosecutor for the US Department of Justice, Ms. Hayden served as lead prosecutor on over 30 money laundering and drug trafficking organized crime cases. She was DOJ’s representative to the Financial Action Task Force, the global standard setter on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, and worked throughout the world providing technical assistance and legislative drafting as a senior prosecutor in the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section.  Ms. Hayden was DOJ’s first National Security Coordinator and was a resident legal advisor in Russia and Turkey.  As a prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Ms. Hayden established the UN’s first financial investigation unit and led the financial investigation of Slobodan Milosevic.

Nancy Langston / Advisor

Nancy Langston recently retired from the US Department of Justice, where she was a Senior Trial Attorney in the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section (AFMLS) of the Criminal Division. While at AFMLS, Nancy was responsible for developing and presenting the international money laundering programs for the Section and has worked in over thirty countries around the world. She has also served as a Resident Legal Advisor in American embassies in Bangladesh and the Philippines, and was an Assistant United States Attorney in Miami, Florida, where she worked on narcotics and money laundering cases.

Les Osborne / Advisor

Leslie Osborne recently retired from a long career as an Assistant US Attorney in the District of Hawaii, where he served in a number of positions, including head of the White Collar Crimes Section and head of the Criminal Section. Licensed to practice in Hawaii and California, Les has been involved in major fraud and money laundering cases on both sides of counsel table and has prosecuted most of the major money laundering cases in Hawaii over the past twenty years. He has broad international legal experience and argued on many occasions before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Victor S.O. Song / Advisor

Victor Song is the retired Chief of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service, one of the largest of the federal law enforcement agencies in the United States and the country’s premier financial investigators. In his position as Chief, and in earlier Senior Executive Service positions as Deputy Chief and Director of Field Operations, he had overall responsibility for administering enforcement of American money laundering laws, for which IRS-CID has primary jurisdiction, as well as crimes involving tax evasion, terrorism financing,, and crimes involving banking and finance. Under his oversight and direction, CID’s 4,200 employes, including 2,700 special agents, conducted money laundering investigations involving overseas financial havens in the Cayman Islands and the Isle of Man, and major international banks, including HSBC, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, ING, and Bank of America.  After leaving CID, he became Executive Vice President for Compliance and Consultant to the CEO of Samsung Electronics America. At Samsung, he revised and set the Compliance Program Standards for the company, created and oversaw the compliance training programs for employees, managed company guidelines and policy manuals relative to compliance matters, and supervised independent audits and monitoring of corporate compliance in areas of advertisement, trade and commerce, fair trade, intellectual property, information protection, product liability, employee relationships, and work environment.