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AMLAware International – Anti-Money Laundering compliance training programs meeting regulatory requirements for insurance companies, the financial services industry, and the banking sector worldwide.
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Training Solutions

Customized High-Risk Training

Learn How To Protect Yourself

The AMLAware compliance training an Internet-based program is CSA’s key solution for its clients in the regulated industries in the financial sector. Each AMLAware program is custom designed to fit the needs in the specific country where that client is operating. Programs are updated constantly as CSA monitors legal, regulatory, and judicial changes, and incorporates these into the training so that clients are assured that personnel are receiving the best, most up to date information on the topic.


As its clients do, CSA works from a Risk Based Approach to AML, with special programs tailored for the employees in areas or positions that carry higher risk or require additional training. CSA also works with the Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer for each client to ensure that records are maintained about employee completion of the programs and that any special training needed is provided.


AMLAware programs are currently provided for clients in the insurance, financial services, banking, and securities sectors. CSA is developing programs for entities that are regulated as non-bank financial institutions under local money laundering laws.