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Customer Identification – Requirements

17 Jun Customer Identification – Requirements

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Requirements for the verification of a customer’s identity differ for foreign persons and Hong Kong residents. Click on the buttons below to review a summary of requirements for each.


Foreign Persons

For foreign person who are not residents of Hong Kong, an insurer may use the following for purposes of identity verification:


  • Government-issued identification documents that are the equivalent of those issued in Hong Kong; or
  • Documents provided by a regulatory authority in the foreign country of residency or in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Residents

For Hong Kong residents, customers must provide and the insurer must retain a copy of the following:


  • The customer’s full name, date of birth, nationality, and identifying documents;
  • The customer’s Hong Kong Identity card and card number; and
  • In the case of non-permanent residents, identifying travel document(s), such as a passport.